So this is it! Alex Loves is 1 year old today and the celebrating can finally begin. Yes that’s right, I now have 2 birthdays a year. Over the past few weeks I’ve been contacting some of the people behind my favourite posts from the past year, many of whom were more than happy to celebrate this special moment with me (and all of you)!

As a thank you to all of my loyal readers, who have made the past year possible, I’m putting on a week of wonderful competitions with some of the most amazing presents to give away, starting today!

I hope you all enter and maybe win something for yourself (or a cheeky christmas present for someone else). I’ll be putting one competition up every day, so feel free to enter every one of them – there’s some pretty amazing stuff for you guys! I’m a little jealous even…

Unfortunately my big day has been a little overshadowed by a weekend spent in A&E after tripping off a sidewalk (in flat shoes, oh the shame) and severely spraining my ankle. Looks like I’ll be homebound for a few days as I’m on crutches, but that can only be a good thing as I’ll have more time to blog!

Anyway, hope you’ll come back to have a look at all the wonderful things happening on this week and good luck! First one, a custommade necklace by EC One, going up in less than an hour!


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  • Happy Birthday Alex Loves keep up the fantastic work you make the world of blogging a brighter more stylish place! Can’t wait for the comps. Sorry to hear that you are injured take care xx