Lee Klabin

A while back I was invited to the beautiful showroom of Lee Klabin. I’ll be honest with you – before the first contact from the PR, I’d never heard of Lee Klabin, but I guess that’s what this is all about: discovering and falling in love with new and talented designers.

Lee initially fell in love with corsets during her studies and continues her love affair in her eponymous clothing label. In the showroom I got to have a look at both the SS10 and AW10 lines and although the two couldn’t be further apart – the summer line consisting of only the most delicate flimsy materials, whilst the winter collection is all about thick tweed and leather – the essence is always the same: the corset.

The Essence: The Corset

As the use of the corset comes so natural to Klabin, she manages to build amazing structure in her pieces in this almost effortless way. Her pieces are made to enhance the woman’s figure in every possible way: a little boost to the cleavage like no Wonderbra can, a nip in the waist, added drapery and pleating to enhance the hips. It’s a craft not many designers can pull off this beautifully. But, Lee Klabin is in no way a one-trick-pony, because her separates are also worth a look. If by any means I could EVER wear a pair of leather trousers, her pleated black leather ones would be worth investing in. And there’s a few jackets in there I wouldn’t mind having in my wardrobe either.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore her feathered corset top in the Sex And the City movie, Lily Cole is a fan, Harrod’s have started stocking the label (although it’s already selling out I heard) and now they’re about to show the collection at a Pop Up shop during Paris Fashion Week. Safe to say, Lee Klabin is hot new stuff. It’s times like this I’m super happy I started this blog, so I can discover AND share my new finds with you!

The difference in materials between SS10 and AW10

Some Favourites from the AW10 Collection:

P.S. Lee Klabin already gets my prize for best Fashion Week invite of the season. The little metal hanger holds the invitation details. Absolutely beautiful!

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