Kipling is Belgian. Peter Pilotto are Belgian…ish. Anouck Lepère is Belgian. Oh, and yes, like all great things, I am Belgian too. To say I was excited to hear about the collaboration between the classic Belgian luggage brand and some of the hottest young designers on the block is an understatement.

A few weeks ago, I finally got to go see the collection in person at a launch in London and wasn’t disappointed! I am a little slow on posting this due to my medical problems, but I figured better late than never! The collection featured most of Kipling’s classic pieces, bumbags, backpacks, travelbags and wallets in the typical nylon fabric, including the monkey accessory! Peter Pilotto are all about the prints, and this is also the case in this collaboration. I’m love the Galaxy print the most, it just screams Peter Pilotto! There is also the Machine print, seen below:

Most of all, I really dig that they chose our best-known Belgian supermodel Anouck Lepère to model the pieces (and not much else), making this an all-Belgian party!

The collection is launched TOMORROW SEPT 8TH EXCLUSIVELY IN A POP UP SHOP AT SELFRIDGES for 2 weeks only, after which they will be available in all stores and online here. So if you’re out for Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out tomorrow, have a look!

P.S. As I just had my operation and couldn’t do or carry much for a while, I had Mama Loves in tow for a few days, so I took her to her very first fashion event. I think she loved it. Here she is making her blog debut with the giant Kipling monkey! Hello there, Mama! (She is not going to like me now)

The making of the ad:

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