Customised Jean Pierre Braganza Barclays bike

Since they launched a few weeks ago, I’ve been drooling over the snazzy Barclay bikes all over London. They’re beautiful, they make cycling look cool and they’re EVERYWHERE. I wanted in. Fast.

I have my own bikes but hardly ever get on them, as there’s always the issue with locking them up, maintaining them (replacing a tyre? me?) and then eventually cycling back. Let’s just say, my bikes don’t get a lot of playtime.

After pondering for some time I finally signed up to the scheme. I got 2 membership keys, one for me and one for whoever wants to join me, because cycling for me is all about fun. After some initial struggling on how to get the damn bikes out of their dock, me and a friend went off. A 24-hour access fee is £1, and then it is free if you use the bikes for less than half an hour at a time.

Let me tell you, this is the most fun anyone can have in London for £1! There’s bike docks EVERYWHERE, so getting a bike and dropping it off is never an issue. The best part is discovering parts of London you otherwise never would do, without having to worry about where you left the bike or maintenance. They’re comfy and suit everyone.

We cycled along the canals, dropped them off, walked for a bit, had a drink somewhere, picked another one up a bit further. It was exhilarating, funny, we got to know more new places in a few hours than I did in years annnd you get plenty of exercise. At one point, I took a bike, just to cycle very fast down a hill and leave it at the bottom. JUST BECAUSE I COULD. I am a bike convert. I couldn’t recommend getting your membership keys any more. You can do it here. There’s also free iPhone apps that show you the closest dock locations, as well as the amount of bikes and free docks available. (Just search for Barclays Bike).

iPhone app screen grab: enough bikes for you?

I’m hoping for some nice weather this weekend so I can hop on the bike to get me to and from the different show locations at London Fashion Week. By far the coolest, quickest and now most fashionable way to get around, as a few of the bikes have been customised by one of my favourite designers Jean Pierre Braganza especially for London Fashion Week. Apparently the flesh-coloured print is a teaser of what we can expect from his collection showing on Friday. If I get my hands on one of them, I might hop on and never let go.

So if you haven’t got your membership key yet, you better sign up fast because cycling is now officially the chicest thing to do in London. Fact.


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  • Oh I am totally using them all the time as well. I even bought a helmet!

    I am also planning on using them during LFW, as it will make the whole thing so much more fun. Now let’s just hope not too many people do the same, if not there won’t be any bikes or bike slots near Somerset House!x

    • I know, it’s my fear too. We’ll be the coolest kids on the block!

      • We can go cycling on Waterloo bridge, looking at the beautiful view.
        And get to the Topshop venue in 2mn.

  • Kit

    I signed up during the tube strike last week hahaha, am still waiting for the fob key to arrive so I can ride one of those at LFW.

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