I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Jasper Garvida ahead of his SS11 show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout last week and had a little backstage interview with the designer. He talked to me about the new collection, his inspiration and the Jasper Garvida woman. This is my first ever go at video editing, so be nice! I’ll post a few highlights from the interview below if you can’t bear my fruitless attempts.

Afterwards I got to have a little peek behind the scenes – the models in make up, the clothes, the shoes, the adorable puppy. The whole atmosphere was a lot calmer than I expected, almost serene. The collection, named “Belle”, was inspired by the ballet, the silhouette of Degas’s ‘Ballet Dancers’. It is full of girly shapes and colours, ruffles and tons and tons of embellishments, a first for Jasper Garvida. As my front row companion Katie Antoniou pointed out, a bit Luella-esque, in the way that a gap that desperately needed filling since her departure has finally been filled. Although the showpieces are obviously where Garvida shines, I mostly loved all the separates, the frilly blouses and skirts, as this makes it a collection I could pretty much wear every single day – and that is the real strength of any designer in my opinion.

Some excerpts from the video interview:

Alex: What was the inspiration behind this collection?
Jasper Garvida: The inspiration for the collection started with the film American in Paris, which was set in the Fifties, in Paris, and in the film there was a sequence of ballet dancers. That lead me to Edgar Degas’ ballerina’s. I also looked into the architecture in Moscow, which was the basis of our prints. This season I decided to go for a lot of movement, like the ballet, so we have a lot of pleated garments, pleated dresses.

A: It’s quite different from your other collections so far, is that something you try to do every time, try to move on from the previous one?
JG: Yes, I try to develop as a designer, I try to explore new ideas. I try not to be stuck with a certain style. My signature lies in the details of the garments: the way I execute and cut the garments. You can see a Jasper Garvida piece by the attention to detail – that’s part of me. Fashion moves in time, and so do my garments. I think if you have the same thing in your wardrobe season after season, people would get bored of me!

A: Are you nervous? It’s about 2 hours before the show now, do you still get nervous?
JG: I’m really excited actually! I can’t wait to show the collection, really. I’m getting better – last season I was petrified! This season I’m a lot more calm. I think I’m growing as a designer. I know how to handle stress and I’m more organised, so I’m good!

A: How would you describe the Jasper Garvida woman?
JG: The Jasper Garvida woman is someone with a lot of personality and this woman is open to new ideas, open to new concepts. She’s always looking for “what’s new, what’s inspiring?”. Fashion doesn’t only exist in the clothes! It’s the way they live, the way they move. I think the Jasper Garvida woman is someone who appreciates the moment and lives the moment and their style just oozes through their garments.


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