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A while ago I was asked by my twitter friend Tobi whether I wanted to do a little interview for her new website Of course I said yes. I already loved Tobi’s blog,, but hadn’t heard about her new project before.

Bagwardrobe is all about bags – obviously. Tobi finds the best bags on the internet and gathers them together, so you don’t have to do the hard work. She also looks at trends, and features fashionable people with their bags. I’m super flattered that I get to be only the second person on Bagwardrobe TV. Apparently the post I did on my bags and the stories behind it was even a little bit of an inspiration behind the website!

So Tobi came to my house, we picked the bags, chatted a bit, it was all super cool – then the moment she turned the camera on I froze. Nothing. Stumbling. Stuttering. Idiot. This was my first time on camera and as it turns out… I AM NOT A CAMERA PERSON!!! Belinda, however, was a real pro.

After about 30 takes I eventually acted like a bit of a moron, by then I’d changed my hair, put my glasses on “to look more intelligent”, but there you go, below is the final cut. I 100% honestly cannot bring myself to watch it and don’t think I will (too cringeworthy), but I hope you do give Tobi some support in her exciting new venture!

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