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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I’m pretty excited to introduce you to Hannah Warner, a young and upcoming jewellery designer I discovered when I did the piece on Sefton a few months ago. As I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog before, I’ve recently become quite obsessed with jewellery. Statement jewellery is the finishing touch on any outfit and doesn’t need to cost the earth, as Hannah Warner proves. It’s just so much more fun wearing a one-off piece than something from the High Street, where the quality is cr*p and you’ll find every other person wearing the exact same one.

So here’s Hannah Warner, at 25 making slightly gothic-inspired pieces, all involving nature elements like coral, wood, stone or skull and bones. They come in gold, silver and bronze, some with gems, but all still pretty affordable! As all her pieces are unique, you even get to have any piece you want made to order. She is exclusively stocked by one of my favourite stores Sefton in the UK, so for online drooling you should go here. Let’s meet my latest jewellery crush…

Alex: Hello there, who are you?
Hannah: I am Hannah Warner. I am 25 years old. I was born in Jersey and moved to London after school at 18 years old.

A: How did you get started with jewellery design?
H: I have always been into art, especially painting, which I did at school. I took a year off travelling before I went to Wimbeldon art school to do art foundation. I always thought that I would contiune studying fine art painting but a combination of experiencing a couple of weeks of jewellery design at Wimbeldon and of coming across a spectrum of different jewellery from places such as Thailand to Brazil, I decided to specialise in jewellery design. I then continued my studies at London Metropolitan where I did a degree in jewellery design.

A: Who or what inspires you?
H: Natural elements hugely inspire me, such as coral, shells, bones and other animal parts. The textures and forms they create are beautiful to me and when recreated in metal and highlighted with gemstones they turn into wonderful pieces of wearable jewellery . Also, different cultures inspire me. I have travelled a lot and am hugely interested in my surroundings whether it be in nature, city, historic details etc. I keep a close eye on fashion. I don’t so much follow trends and seasons but am inspired and get ideas from shapes and details in all fashion-shoots from high end designers, catwalk, what people are wearing etc.

A: New York or London? And why?
H: They both have their good qualities for me. I started off in London, gained my experience and contacts. But when I went to study gemology in new york I felt more inspired being in a new city. Difference in surroundings, meeting new people. Its really energetic especially in the art world and everyone is interested in helping eachother. I get my jewellery made in New York at the moment as I found some great makers.

A: In 5 years’ time, where will I find Hannah Warner?
H: I hope with a well known brand that is known globally. I want to keep doing affordable jewellery (ranges between £80-£400 at the moment) but also would like to create a high end range. I would like to have collaborated with designers to create more daring catwalk pieces. I am also hugely interested in working with other artists. Many of my friends are artists so collaborating with them is something I am definitely aiming for. I have already done small exhibitions with some of them but aim to create something much larger. I am currently designing a collection with 2 other artist in New York.

A: If you could collaborate with anyone or any brand, who would it be and why?
H: I would love to collaborate with a jeweler called Gregg Wolf. I met him in New York as he has a lovely little shop and studio and helped me out a lot with jewellery contacts there. He has years of experience and I love his work. I think working with him would teach me a lot, with business,contacts and the jewellery itself. I would love to collaborate with a high end fashion designer with a season of jewellery…chloe,Alexander wang,ysl.

A: Is there a celebrity you’d love to see wearing your pieces?
H: Theres a lot of celebrities I would like to wear my stuff: Chloe Sevigny, Diane Kruger, Kate moss, Rihanna (just because she is always wearing good statement pieces of jewellery so would be good press for me.

Some of my favourite AW10 pieces:

Gold Cast Wood and my personal favourite, the Cow’s Skull Necklace

Snakeskin Bracelet

Gold fang bracelet/anklet and Gold plated cast wood ring with blue sapphire

Gold Coral double chain necklace with 8 Tanzanites

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