A surprise from Mulberry… part 2!

Last season, I wrote this post about Mulberry‘s amazing invite for their salon show during London Fashion Week. To write a whole post about just their invite is rather insane, to do it twice, is even more crazy.

But Mulberry have once again surpassed themselves with this BEAUTIFUL invite. I have probably opened my mailbox 20 times today, waiting for Mr. Postman to arrive, but he hasn’t come so far. On the 21st trip, a gigantic white and neon pink envelope was sticking out, too big to fit my mailbox. It had just been hand delivered. When I saw it was Mulberry, I could barely contain myself, so I ripped open the envelope and there she was…

Stacey. I’ve named her, and she’s so gorgeous. About 40cms tall and with moving legs and arms, a neon pink hair bow and invitation in her hands. The detail here is unbelievable – the Mulberry logo is engraved in every pin holding her together – on both sides.

Yes, Stacey is my new best friend.

Meanwhile the other invites have also (slowly) started coming in. LFW, here we come!

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