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So this is a pretty personal one, and it’s got nothing to do with fashion for once, but after what’s happened to me in the past few days, I decided that it would be a good thing to share this story with you.

As some of you may know, back in July I went to the dermatologist for a routine check. I’m pale skinned with lots of moles and freckles, so I try to get them checked out once in a while. I don’t tan much or use sunbeds at all.

I had a few moles on my face which I wanted gone, partly because of their constant exposure to the sun, but more for aesthetic reasons than anything else – I’m vain like that. Whilst I was there I showed the doc my back and he pulled a serious face and told me I had a few funny ones on my back he wanted gone. They were all in a spot where I couldn’t see them.

This wasn’t at all what I expected, but I had 2 taken out with a laser and the other one surgically, to have a biopsy done on it. The mere thought that something could be wrong shook me to the core. I cried my eyes out, prayed that everything would be ok.

A week later, we got the results and everything was ok, or so it seemed. I had my birthday party, had a blast, enjoyed the rest of my summer, forgot all about it, except for the annoying scar on my back. Then 2 days ago, I went back to the doc to show him the scar as it was bugging me a bit.

Doc had been on holiday for a few weeks and sat me down and said he was in fact just about to call me. A second biopsy had arrived whilst he was away and showed that it was in fact a malignant melanome after all. Had we not caught this and I’d been running around in my bikini all summer, things could have been slightly different.

I went home again, cried my eyes out once again and pulled myself together and realised how damn lucky I’ve been. This morning I had a second surgery to remove more tissue and now have about 20 stitches, but it was beautifully done by a plastic surgeon, so I hopefully shouldn’t have too big of a scar in the end.

I know I’m the luckiest person ever to have found this during a completely routine check. I had no reason to be worried, but I went anyway and I’ve vowed to have my skin checked out once a year to avoid ever having to be in this situation again. The C-word is too scary to even contemplate at 25 when it can be fully avoided.

Quite frankly, my biggest worry right now is not being able to wear the Erdem dress I especially bought for a wedding tomorrow and not being allowed to dance. And my anasthesia wearing off in a few hours. I know how lucky I was to have caught this in time by going for a routine check and not waiting until it was too late, so I’m going to be fine. I’m really not here to preach and tell you what to do, but this is what happened to me and I have a battle scar to remind me. Perhaps my story might inspire you to check your skin once in a while, even go for a check-up and avoid getting a massive chunk of your skin taken out for no good reason.

Lots and lots of love,

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  • Glad everything is all OK with you but I do think it is important to look after your skin. This can’t be a easy thing or nice thing to talk about but I’m sure you have a lot of strong followers who respect you and may even see you as an inspiration so by even suggesting this to them may make them think for a moment. Wish you well! Annie x

  • I’m happy to hear everything is OK and to be honest, I’m gonna follow your advice and have my self checked soon. Big kiss and hug and we’ll cheer on your good luck and ours for having you around on Thursday. Massive kiss for you, lovely. x

  • alex, so glad to hear that everything is okay. sorry to hear you had to go through that though. i had a similar experience and it is really horrifying to go through. feeling quite proud of you for being so strong and well done for sharing your experience. it’s always good to raise awareness about these sorts of things. everyone always thinks that it ‘wont happen to me’. hope that you are feeling well and that you will get to wear your dress and dance in it. but, if for some reason you don’t – then save it for another occasion and it will be your triumph dress. after all, LFW is just around the corner… xx

  • I’m so glad to hear you’re all ok. My Mum had a malignant melanome a few years ago on her leg, and it’s not a pleasant experience. I’m also a pale girl who never goes in the sun, but I still use sunscreen – it’s SO important.

    You’re so brave to talk about this openly and raise a big issue. Proud of you.


  • Thank you for sharing and, helping others and potentially saving a life! V.brave and I’m happy to hear everything is ok!

  • Oh gosh! Poor thing. I am happy you are alright after all. It is so important to get your skin checked often (and your boobs too).

    It is good you wrote a post about it, hopefully it will make others aware of it too.


  • I’m so sorry you had to go through this. What a nightmare. But I’m so pleased that you caught it in time! Wishing you a very quick recovery honey. Great that you blogged about this. It’s so good to raise awareness x

  • First of all, so so so so glad you are okay. Sure I might no know you, and even though we just missed meeting each other and I was bummed it was all for the right reasons, and these seem even more important now.

    Secondly, thanks for sharing this story with me, I get more often than not very worried when I see the amount of sun and V expose my friends do, and for what to look tanned. It took me a few years to get use to the fact that I am paled skinned and a redhead so I was NEVER going to, even remotely, go brown :) so like you not much sun, a lot of sunscreen and not sunbeds. I have the similar probs with cancer being in my family so check ups like yours are a routine, which I loathe every time and dread to the bone. But again thanks for sharing your story maybe one day I will have teh courage to do the same :)

    And finally, yes take your mum haha so much better and much more fashionable than a dog in a purse haha :)


  • A good friend of mine had melanoma a few years ago, he’s fine now. Thanks for blogging about this and raising awareness. It’s super important that people check themselves regularly.

  • A good friend of mine had melanoma a few years ago, he’s fine now. Thanks for blogging about this and raising awareness. It’s super important that people check themselves regularly.

  • A good friend of mine had melanoma a few years ago, he’s fine now. Thanks for blogging about this and raising awareness. It’s super important that people check themselves regularly.