A while ago, I discovered the magical world that is T-Post, the world’s first wearable magazine. As my life currently has its funny ways of doing things like that, a short while later I was contacted by someone at T-Post wanting to know if I’d be interested in receiving a ‘copy’, to check it out for myself, so of course I said yes!

What is it exactly? Well I can’t explain it better than the video below, but in short, you subscribe, and every 5 weeks you’ll receive a new T-shirt with a news story on the inside and the artist interpretation on the outside. This can be an illustration, a drawing, photography or typography. The designers change every time, which makes it really interesting, and a short bio introducing them is also on the inside of the shirt.

The stories are always a little offbeat, which makes for great subjects to interpret. So every 5 weeks you don’t always have a new T-shirt, but a new subject of conversation. Have a look at all their previous ones here.

My T-Post shirt arrived in a cute little blister which showed off the T-shirt on the inside. A hand-written Post-It directed me to the website, where I could follow up with more info on the subject from this issue.

The idea is just beyond brilliant. Not only do you get a new T-shirt every 5 weeks, there’s the surprise element, like receiving a present every time. There’s also the chance of discovering and supporting new talent in the process. It costs €19 per issue. Make sure you watch the video below, as it’s hilarious and explains things better than I possibly could.


Belinda modeling my T-Post inside and out

The blister and the Post-It

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