Supermarket Sarah x Tatty Devine

The Wall

After I left My Sugarland yesterday, I headed out in my brand new frock towards Brick Lane for the launch of Supermarket Sarah’s collaboration with Tatty Devine with my friend and fellow blogger Kate of Fabric Of My Life.

Supermarket Sarah creates ‘walls’ filled with items you can all buy by clicking on them. Once it’s gone, a little ‘sold’ sign comes up on the wall. Her colourful, often a little crazy walls feature one-off items by young designers, lots of vintage and just amazing… stuff. She’s making quite a name for herself, and was even allowed to create a wall for Selfridges.

Her latest collaboration is with funky jewellery brand Tatty Devine, who are also known for their colourful, whacky creations, so it’s a match made in heaven. The wall is up in the Brick Lane shop, where you’ll be able to buy the items for real, and it will go live on Sarah’s site today.

The party in full swing (and a cheeky pic of Fred Butler’s amazing hair accessories)

The launch was equally colourful, the cocktails were bright, the people even more so. There was Fred Butler, who has some of her pieces on the wall, DJ’ing for the night. If I was at all self-conscious about wearing my colourful new dress, I blended right in. I got many compliments, and one girl came up to me asking if I’d got it at My Sugarland. We immediately started chatting and turns out we’ve been Twitter friends for quite some time and even have some mutual friends. The girl in question is the gorgeous Katie Antoniou, whose blog is London Plinth. We left as ‘real life’ friends, and that all because of my new dress. If that’s not worth the investment, then I don’t know what is.

Lovely Kate and moi

Supermarket Sarah at Tatty Devine from 15th of July on or in store at Tatty Devine, 236 Brick Lane E2 7EB

P.S. If someone could please make me my name in giant cardboard letters, I’d be eternally grateful. Just saying…

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