I’m only all kinds of honoured to be Cocosa’s next Style Profile. I don’t consider myself worthy, after all the great people who have preceded me! But there you go, it’s the cherry on my perfect week, and they sure made me look like a very cool chick indeed. So for those of you who aren’t members, I’m posting it here!

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  • Congrats Alex, it’s a great piece! x

  • Witty and endearing, this is such a perfect piece…

    You seem like the kind of girl who would make a brilliant – and enviably stylish! – best friend. :0)

    Sarah x


  • Woah, Alex… What can I say? I know: print this piece on glossy paper and hang it on the wall!! It's amazing. Do excuse me: YOU're amazing!!

  • AMAZING!!! You're, like, so famous x

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Well deserved Alex, plus you look stunning!!! xx

  • This was absolutely fabulous! You in the McQueen shoes is too funny. Definitely a keeper.


  • Love her style and the post layout! her bracelet from Pebble is now available on http://www.myflashtrash.com

  • Are you way famous? I love this piece and I want the dress you are wearing with the McQueen monsters! Where is it from? Congratulations doll.

  • It's Whistles, last season though :( It's the perfect dress, little bit of sheer, little bit of polkadot. Win Win. xxx