Proenza Schouler Resort 2011

my birthday is coming up soon, so I thought I’d let you know I found yet another perfect present, you know, just in case you were still looking. It’s only a month-ish away after all…

I’ve been in love with the Proenza Schouler PS1 bags for so long now, well-documented on this very blog, but then they showed their Resort 2011 collection a few days ago and well… The PS1, but much, much BIGGER!

The clothes were really nice too, full of exotic Indian influences, lots of shorts, a bit more like a citygirls’ perfect summer wardrobe rather than resort perhaps? But these bags are sure to be the biggest sellers of the collection – pun intended.

Of course they won’t land in stores until November and will have a waiting list a mile long, but well, just thought I’d let you know I wouldn’t mind one of these at all.

your much deserving daughter.

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  • He he ! Its my bday coming up soon as well! I stupidly decided to get an early pressie from my parents this month. Hence, I cannot ask for anything else in addition. The bigger version of the PS1 is to die for, simply luscious! Im falling in love !

  • Oh nice! I like the yellow one. I got an early present tooo, a 12 months subscription to the Bible, the Vogue! OH yeah, I'll own my own magazines for the first time in my life! (So far they belonged to either my sister, my best friends or my boyfriend). I'm preparing your present too (making it more comfortable and finished), but if this “pushing forward of meeting up” due to being the prolific hard working busy bees that we are goes on any longer it won't even be that early a present! x

  • umm… okay, so i might throw up a little bit because these are so insanely gorgeous it's a little sickening. if your name makes it onto that waiting list i will be so happy for you. xx