Kate Kanzier’s Brogue Heaven

The other day, I passed by the Kate Kanzier shop on Leather Lane in Clerkenwell and went a little bonkers. I’d been before, have bought heels, boots, sandals, but this time, it was all about the brogues. Brogues brogues brogues!

I can’t begin to tell you how long I’ve been looking for a great pair of brogues, it’s been like an endless quest! And even with summer coming up, I find they’re still a staple of my wardrobe (pop-socks, anyone?). So imagine my excitement when I walked into a store with at least 5 different types of brogues, all of them in a kaleidoscope of colours. Enter… Shoe Heaven!

Sure, the bags, sandals and heels were all pretty amazing and tempting too, but I came, tried on every possible brogue imaginable, bought 2 pairs and left… paying only £55. Yup, that’s 55 Great British Pounds. Dear Kate Kanzier, lock up all your size 3’s, I’ll be coming for more. See all of their brogues here.

I ended up buying the two-tone Diane’s (in brown and white), which haven’t left my feet since last week, and these bad boys below which are not on the website (but still in store). Perfectly airy for summer, worn with Topshop socks. Apologies about the rubbish pic, I tried to take so many, but as it turns out, there’s no elegant way of photographing your own feet. So this is what you’re getting.

Kate Kanzier is a London-based brand with just the flagship store in Leather Lane, but their online shop sells worldwide, so hurry on up for some real shoe-madness. You won’t regret.

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