The Return of the Polaroid.

In case you haven’t heard it, Polaroids are back. When they shut all production of the iconic instant film in 2008, many feared that was the end of an era. Prices for a packet of film on ebay went skyhigh (I should know, I bought some). But huzzah, it’s back and it’s ‘cool’ again. Polaroid have gone as far as signing up Lady Gaga as their new creative director to up their image, so let’s all put down our digital cameras and start snapping instant instead. Let’s face it, no digital camera or no amount of photoshopping can quite replace that faded, blurry effect that an old school Polaroid has. Until now.

Well, until 2 years ago actually, it’s just that I didn’t discover the magic that is Poladroid until now. If you’re a child of the digital era like myself, then you’ll *love* this little application. It turns your digital pictures into the most realistic Polaroid pictures ever (as much as that’s possible on a computer screen). Little quirks like fingerprints, scratches, blurriness and the faded colours make these the most perfect fake Polaroids ever. And let’s face it, who still needs the real thing anyway? All anyone wants to do these days is to scan them in to put them on their facebook anyway, right? Right.

Probably the best thing about Poladroid is how it develops the pictures as a real Polaroid would. The image appears painstakingly slow, (if you shake them, a little faster) and after 10 pictures, you need to restart, as your ‘cartridge’ is empty. So what, they’re not real? It’s so fun… I haven’t stopped making them since downloading the app. And even better? It’s 100% free.

Here’s a few of the images I’ve made so far. You can find all of them in my Flickr album here. (For those who asked me before, the writing is photoshopped, not by Poladroid.)

A big nerdy 10/10 from me!

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