As I mentioned earlier this week, this lovely invite landed in my inbox. I’m a die-hard Chanel fan, so this made me pretty happy! I showed you the ads and Vanessa Paradis, well now I get to tell you about the bags!

At the Chanel showroom, there was a Coco Cocoon extravaganza. I was faced with my idea of heaven: yup, a mannequin (that would be me) in between a mountain of Chanel bags. Who would not die happy?

Opposed to what I said in my previous post, the bags land in stores TOMORROW!!! Not August… (Tomorrow is May 15th, FYI)

I didn’t get a proper picture of this, so I’m using the press pics, but mine (and everyone’s) favourite piece was the rucksack! Backpacks are back in fashion – the New Look goodie bag itself was an amazing backpack – so how amazing is this quilted Chanel one?

If I had any secret fantasies of Vanessa Paradis being there, then I was sadly wrong – a much bigger star stole the show. Fellow blogger The Very Simon G brought his tiny little Dachshund puppy Dhillon, who was the real star here. All this dog needs is a puffy, soft Cocoon bag to settle down in, I think… I hope his daddy sorts it out! Another special shoutout to the lovely Laura of So Far So Chic. This week has been a pretty amazing, it’s been great to finally meet some of my fellow bloggers!

Every dog’s dream (and mine…)

And in the goody bag? Well… a combination of my 2 favourite things: Coco and Coffee table books. I’m a happy bunny right now. My mom (who told me I shouldn’t mention her on here anymore, whoops) called me earlier and reminded me I did have my 25th birthday coming up, so perhaps…

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