ALDO AW10 Press Day

Yesterday I popped by yet another press day to have a look at ALDO‘s AW10 collection. I’m not a usually an ALDO shopper but actually found quite a few things I liked for next winter. Most of all, this was a display of magnificent visual merchandising.

In this suite at the Soho Hotel the many shoes were displayed in some of the best ways ever. Hanging around the windows, on top of the bathtub, in the shower, on the bed. It was so good I nearly forgot to look at the shoes! Thank god for my many, many pictures…

The Military Academy range. Plenty of men’s biker boots and a cute dressed up leopard.

On-trend shearling aviator jacket and more Proenza Schouler PS1-inspired bags!

More shearling(ish) goodness, those boots are magnificent. And for men, the winter version of the deck shoe!

Unfortunately, this one’s becoming a trend as I’ve seen it several times already… the sheepskin clog. Sorry fashionista’s, but not for me! (Feel free to kill me now)

My favourite piece of the entire press day… this shearling shopper!

The Victorian range, big Oliver Twist boots for the boys, velvet bows for the girls.

Amazing shower and bath scenes…

I’ll leave you with these… LOVE!

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