5 Classics Every Girl Should Own

First off, I’d like to say a massive thank you for all your great reactions on the handbag post. A few of you suggested some great options for the bag I should be getting. It really got me thinking about the importance of getting a classic bag and not falling in the trap of the It-Bag again. The Classic Chanel flap has to be it, really. Timeless, still modern and oh so chic. Every girl should own one at some point in her life.

Then I started thinking about other pieces every girl should own. Classics, some expensive, some less so, that will always stand the test of time. Pieces that aren’t the outfit itself per se, but will definitely make it complete. It was hard narrowing it down to 5, because frankly, I could probably list 100. But our wallets aren’t bottomless, nor is this blog.

I then challenged one of my dearest friends Jamie Ball to illustrate the story. He’s a supertalented creative artworker-slash-illustrator, and the self-appointed king of his own wonderful little world over at Little Kingdoms, which is filled with zoos, clowns and French horn playing lions. Not a Chanel bag or Louboutin heel in sight, so I decided fashion illustration would be a nice little test for him. For a first attempt, I am pretty damn impressed with the result. We’ll now be doing this regularly, so keep an eye out for more work from Mr. Ball. I hope you enjoy, check out his website and let us know what you think!

The most classic of them all, the Burberry trench coat should be a staple of everyone’s wardrobe, male or female. The trench is over a century old and with Burberry’s projects like Art of the Trench, it is hotter than ever. In navy, black or beige, the long or shorter versions, there’s a style to suit everyone. And with the British climate being what it is, this could be the smartest investment you’ve ever made. (I should probably practice what I preach, and get one.)
Burberry Short Double Breasted Trench, £695

The Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse leopardprint scarf is one of my favourite things in the world. If you’ve ever met me, then you’ll know the scarf is pretty much always part of my outfit. It’s gigantic, so, so, so soft and makes every outfit perfect. When I spent 6 months at the Louis Vuitton press office, I became obsessed with it. I tried to get my hands on the samples whenever I could (they were ALWAYS out), so it was inevitable that I would eventually get one. Leopard may be on the edge of tacky most of the time, but somehow the Sprouse scarf transcends that. The pink graffiti adds a little bit of cool. Every season, Louis Vuitton release a limited edition version in different colour combos, but this is the ultimate classic. Whenever I pass by a woman wearing the scarf, we always exchange a little knowing glance, as if we’re part of a special club. Join the club, you won’t regret it.
Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Leopard Stole, £460

When looking for a classic shoe to add to this list, I initially thought about a Louboutin heel, a Chanel pump, perhaps even a pair of Lanvin flats. All of them are classic, but then I thought about Converse. Whether high top or low top, in whichever colour, I actually love nothing more than a usually dressed up woman (or man) dressed down in simple jeans and converse. It’s such a simple shoe, but when styled right, it is just right. Nothing else to add really.
Converse High-Top Chuck Taylors, from £35

This doesn’t really need much explanation anymore, does it? The Chanel Classic Flap is the best classic bag in history of bags, fact. The double C logo, the gold chain, the soft leather… I can go on. I’ll take mine in a large, please.
Chanel Classic Flap, from £1300

I thought long about this one. There’s many sunnies that could fit the ‘classic’ bill, but none as iconic as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Since their comeback a few years ago, these have become almost a uniform amongst the fashion crowd. Other sunglass trends will come and go, but the Wayfarers are here to stay, because they are classic. Classic, I said.
Ray-Ban Wayfarer, usually from £90

All images ©Jamie Ball, www.littlekingdoms.eu

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  • The illustrations are superb! Jamie is extremely talented, I would have these drawings in my room! Perfect choices Alex. Funnily enough it could all be worn as one outfit but as stand alone pieces they speak volumes. The Chanel 2.55 is ultimately timeless, every fashionista wants one and if they already have one they want it in different colors. I’m not quite there in owning everything on the list but one day I will be :)

    Great post hun, it such a unique way of presenting old favourites.


  • this is such a great post! they just keep getting better and better (no pressure…). i absolutely adore the illustrations – that was such a great idea. he is super talented and you are very lucky chick to have him contribute. while normal pictures of the items would have been fine this really is quite special. i absolutely love all the items you’ve picked out. i would love to have all of these pieces in my wardrobe (currently though, i’ve only bagged the black chucks). love that you included the LV scarf… slightly controversial but definitely has become a classic in it’s own right since it’s been introduced. that – along with a burberry trench and chanel bag are certainly on my dream wish list. lovely post alex, you keep outdoing yourself! xx