Tina Kalivas AW10

In my opinion, having a great collection is just half the work. It’s also how you present it, how you present yourself and your brand. Sometimes normal or ordinary just doesn’t work. That’s where an original presentation can really help you out, like it did with Louise Gray’s AW10 collection during LFW.

Or sometimes it’s a great lookbook. That’s the case with Tina Kalivas‘ AW10 collection. The Australian designer used B&W photography, highlighting only the coloured bits – of which there are plenty. On the other side of the page is a coloured graphic which represents a shape or pattern she used in the clothing. The whole thing just works.

Tina is a trained costume designer who has worked for the likes of Alexander McQueen and Clements Ribeiro and this really shows in her work. There’s a lot of construction and draping going on in her pieces and always some tribal, traditional or cultural element. The result is this magnificent “Totem” collection, which I saw in person last week. From up close, the detailing is even more magnificent! I couldn’t post the entire lookbook unfortunately, but here’s a little taster…

The Tina Kalivas label is sold at Liberty (London), Loveless (Tokyo) and Harvey Nichols (Hong Kong and Dubai). Recently the label was also selected as part of the ‘Selby Pop up Store’ in Colette Paris.

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  • I was invited to view the collection at a London showroom but kept becoming too busy, but now that I’ve seen a taster, I will make the effort! I loved her SS10 collection, this looks like a great move on.