Desk Phone Dock

Oh the irony! For years we’ve tried to get rid of those pesky phone wires, which always seem to get tangled and are just a big old pain in the arse. Instead we’ve replaced them with mobile phones, and oh yes, the ultimate in telephone devices: the iPhone.

So here’s the ironic part. Kee Utility, a company in Seoul has just launched the Desk Phone Dock, which turns your trusty iPhone right back into an old-fashioned telephone, handsets and wires and all. But in that sleek, Apple way.

So why would you want to go backwards? Well it’s a dock, so it keeps your phone fully charged at all times and it also functions as a speaker (and some other reasons which you can read here).

For me, the main draw would probably be that I would finally know where to find my iPhone. Still, it looks like a pretty cool gadget for people who like their gadgets. No news on the website yet on when it will actually be available in stores but expect it on desks worldwide soon.

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