Alex Loves… Round Sunglasses!

I am notoriously camera-shy. Just ask Marian Kihogo, the poor girl has been waiting for me to take some picture of myself for weeks (I promise I will soon!). I’ve often wanted to post something I was wearing or tried on, but I just hated the idea of putting myself out there even more than I already do. I’ve always admired other bloggers who do so, but it’s not really for me. Not yet.

Then yesterday, I fell in love. Again. This time, it was with sunglasses. For the past 3 years, I’ve had some kind of Wayfarer on my face. I’ve gone through so many pairs I should be made an honorary member of the Ray Ban fanclub. Small, large, coloured, tortoise, opticals – I’ve had them all. Recently, I’ve had an itch. I still love my Wayfarers, but I wanted a change. Round sunglasses have been popping up everywhere, and I wanted some. I’ve been trying them on here and there, but I didn’t feel quite ready to make the jump.

Back to yesterday. I happened to stroll by David Clulow at Harrod’s (as you do), and my eye wandered over the Ray Ban section. And there they were. My dream sunglasses. Ray Ban does them round too. The RB4141’s. As light and comfortable on the face as my trusty Wayfarers, at £100 not too expensive, and in 4 great colours. (Black, Tortoise, Red and Resin) So I bought them and I’m obsessed and for once I’m breaking my no-pictures rule so I can share them with you. They’re really nice, my pictures aren’t.

Ray Ban RB4141, £100 at David Clulow

Some other great ones:

Cheap Monday, $30!!!!, at Shopbop

Reiss, £69, at Reiss

Norma Kamali, $250.00, at Norma Kamali

Cutler & Gross, £250, at Net-A-Porter

Topshop, £18, at Topshop

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