Merci at Liberty

Have they put something in the water at Liberty recently? It seems like Liberty just keeps popping out one cool collaboration after another recently. There’s the Liberty for Target, which launches later this week. They had the Hermès pour Liberty scarves and pop-up salon just a few months ago, then there were the Liberty for MAC cosmetics. And that’s just off the top of my head.

Today, they launched their latest little project, a pop-up store in collaboration with Merci, the uber-cool Parisian concept store.

Tu ne connais pas? Ah, quel dommage! It’s an eclectic store owned by Marie France and Bernard Cohen, stocked top-to-bottom full of the coolest of fashion and design items, books, things-you-don’t-need-but-must-have. The Fiat 500 in front of the store is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, ever. It changes all the time, so right now, it has been customised with a Liberty floral print.

For the collaboration, Liberty and the Cohens have created a range of limited-edition items, like mugs, pillows, dresses and the little floral suitcases which are just to die for (and, at the time of writing, sold OUT!). They”re on sale at Merci and the pop-up store, as well as online. Perfect, just in time for Mother’s Day too…

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