Death Becomes Her by Dominic Jones

I hardly ever pick up Vice Magazine anymore, it seems like a distant memory from my student days with far too much naked than is strictly necessary and not enough interesting in my opinion. But what a happy surprise when I did pick up the latest Fashion Issue this weekend. Although the cover by Terry Richardson featuring a chubby, hairy viking isn’t exactly ‘fashion’, it was full of little gems on the inside. “All The Young Nudes” by my favourite photographer Ryan McGinley – which actually is 20 pages of nude, but with him I don’t mind as much, and a jewellery shoot by my latest chérie Dominic Jones, whom I wrote about here.

All pieces appear to be made of dead sea animals, and although it should look creepy, it just looks dreamy. It was too good not to share. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Full shoot and credits here

Photographer: Ellis Scott
Stylist: Aldene Johnson
All Jewellery: Dominic Jones
Copyright Vice Magazine

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