Chanel Tattoo Cast

This morning I went to visit my little cousin, who broke her big toe pretty badly last week. She’s a marathon runner, an avid hockey player, she just loves any kind of sport – so this is pretty dramatic stuff. Having a sister who works at Chanel in Paris does help a little, of course. Her invite to the AW10 show last week was unfortunately left unused, so she sent her the new Chanel Temporary Tattoos to pimp her cast instead. (See my previous post about them here)

I’m sure fashionista’s around the world will despair that these $75 temporary tattoos weren’t used for a fancy night out, teamed with the some Alexander Wang mini and Miu Miu sandals, but sometimes you just have to make the best out of a bad thing.

The tattoos were surprisingly easy to put on, even on a tricky surface like this, we decided on the classic chain on the top, a Chanel logo on one side and some branches of flowers on the other. Best of all, they’ll last way longer on the cast than they’d do on the flesh.

The result is a decidedly fashionable cast, a cheered up patient, and as there’s 5 pages of tattoos, plenty more left for when she eventually recovers.

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