After the great reaction I got on the Christophe Coppens interview a few weeks ago, I’m going to make “Alex Meets…” a regular item on the blog, featuring young, upcoming talent in fashion, art, design – whatever! If you want to be included, drop me a mail at and tell me why!

Today I meet 28 year young fashion designer Edward Finney. He’s a St. Martins Graduate with experience at Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. After a 4 year stint in Paris working for Galliano, he’s just returned to the UK to starting his own line, which features daywear mixed with some couture influences. The images and video below are of his AW10 collection, which he designed, cut and produced completely by himself. Here’s quick little interview with Mr. Edward himself about his inspirations, muse and his future.

Alex: You spent some time at Alexander McQueen – tell me about that?
Edward: I was only at McQueen for under a season as the assistant designer to the head of Menswear at the time, John Mooney, it was so exciting as it was his re-launch of the menswear collection and I was grateful to have seen Lee create magic during fittings which many were not able to see. It was so sad to hear the death of Mr McQueen, I think he is a legend and a great inspiration to many and will always inspire to future designers.

Alex: What did you do at Galliano for 4 years then?
Edward: I was assistant menswear designer for those 4 years. It was an honour to have worked with so many talented designers and a great atmosphere. I had an amazing time at John Galliano, he really is a great man and such a gentleman.

Alex: So now you’re back in the UK…
Edward: Well although I was born on the outskirts of London, I am having to live the ‘glam’ life with the folks (who are from the North) just south of Sheffield. To be honest I love it up North, it’s a little cheaper, great people (although I got smacked in town and my front teeth went through my lip), but compared to Paris, it’s peace and quiet. Really a complete opposite lifestyle to the one I had in Paris. But who can beat home cooked food and clean bed sheets!!!

Alex: Who or what inspires you?
Edward: It would be a lie not to include McQueen and Galliano, but I regard them as much teachers as inspirations. Inspiration should come from everywhere, a mash-up of personal visuals. Last season I tended to scout through the web and started with British Actresses and after much research Diana Dors was a perfect girl for the collection. She really was a British Marilyn Monroe not so ‘squeaky clean’ and I just think this is the type of girl I want to be interested in my label.

Alex: So where would you like to see the brand in a few years’ time?
Edward: I would like to show in London, I am from that area and really believe London is the perfect city for me to show. My style suits Paris more (from what I have been told) but I think London might need some that Parisian Couture influence, rather than every show being Print-based or melting pot of every colour known to man.

Fantastique! Welcome to the melting pot, Edward. London could definitely do with a little Parisian chic once in a while, so bring it on!

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