RIP Alexander McQueen

As I was looking for something to blog about this afternoon, this was the last thing I’d ever hoped to write about. Today, the fashion world lost one of its brightest young stars, as Alexander (Lee) McQueen was found dead after committing suicide aged just 40 years old.

Anyone who’s ever read this blog knows Alexander McQueen is my favourite designer, so I am truly saddened to even have to write these words…
Today, on the first day of New York Fashion Week, and merely 2 weeks away from his own show in Paris, this is a loss that is bound to send ripples through the fashion world. He was named British Designer of the Year 4 times, International Designer and awarded a CBE for his outstanding work, and after having received rave reviews for his last SS10 womenswear shows, the Alexander McQueen brand really seemed on top of the world… Personally he’d been battling the loss of his mother just last week and was still struggling the loss of his close friend Isabella Blow, who committed suicide 3 years ago.

What this will mean for the following 4 weeks, his show on March 9th, his brand, his friends and family, will unfold in the upcoming hours and days…

But for now, Lee McQueen, you were a rebel, a pioneer, may you Rest In Peace. You will be missed.


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