Louise Gray AW10 Presentation

The Louise Gray presentation was probably the funnest experience of the entire week so it gets its very own gigantic post.

I feel like this London Fashion Week there were a lot more presentations than previous years (or perhaps it’s because I never really went to them), but it’s events like the Louise Gray one that make you realise the charm and power of them. The same room in the Portico Rooms where only a day before we had a Sixties Extravaganza for Orla Kiely was now transformed into a booming nightclub (which was a bit weird seeing as it was 3pm and the glorious sunshine streamed in from the rooms overlooking the Thames). A DJ was blasting music in the corner in a gigantic blue furry coat. Models were dancing around the room, with crimped fringes, purple eyebrows and some bright furry coats that looked like they’d stepped out of Where The Wild Things Are on acid. The rest of the collection was a psychedelic mixture of patchwork and applique and rips and burns and colours – the whole thing should be so wrong it was so right.

The rest of the collection had been hung up on wooden stands with holes in them, allowing you to put your face in them and have your picture taken – if only those on Brighton Pier could be so cool?! Of course I couldn’t help myself…

Then the shoes… the heels with applique were by the unstoppable Nicholas Kirkwood – but the trainers (by LD Tuttle)… As luck would have it, my camera died right then and there, so no pictures(I’m working on getting some) but imagine some nice Lanvin high-tops, then imagine Sulley from Monsters Inc. vomiting all over it. A-mazing. Really.

Not that I’m promoting the end of the catwalk show, but it’s presentations like this that make me happy that some young designers forgo the classic shows for events like this. You meet them personally, you see the clothes from close by, you interact with the collection as a whole. For Louise Gray it just made sense. I’ve said it before and I will again: Louise Gray, you made my day.

All images my own.

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