A surprise from Mulberry…

With London Fashion Week starting tomorrow, invites are still arriving like mad. Couriers, interns and my poor old postman are working overtime to make sure I (and the hundreds of other journalists in London right now) get all the invitations in time for the shows to begin. There’s been some beautiful ones, which I will blog about later, but this one warrants a post all by itself – I am a sucker for originality.

Season after season, Mulberry have had the most amazing invites (and presentations) of the week. The parties are one of the hottest tickets around. Last season saw Claridge’s ballroom turned into a carnival, complete with thousands of balloons, real-life merry-go-rounds, fun house mirrors, cotton candy, and spiked lemonade. Friendly Fires played a gig, whilst Alexa Chung celebrated the launch of the Alexa, the bag named after her.

So this morning when I found a big black box in my mailbox with Mulberry on it, you can understand I was rather excited to open it! There it was, a silver glitter cat mask with a big bow. Once opened, there was the actual invite to the party on Sunday, hosted by Emma Hill and Alexa Chung, and with Delphic playing.

The mask immediately went on (the other side revealing an even better bright pink leopard print!) and isn’t coming off for the rest of the day I’m afraid. Cannot wait until the presentation on Sunday, and the party afterwards of course!

Apologies for the rubbish pictures, I hastily took them on my phone before ripping the whole thing open!

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