Vintage Alexander McQueen Moment

Is there a specific moment in fashion or art or music you wish you could have witnessed? A show, a spectacular fall, a specific dress – one of those events that will be remembered by those who attended for years to come?

In my reasonably short career, I’ve already been lucky enough to have gathered a few of those moments already, with Gareth Pugh‘s debut show being a definite front runner. But if I could go back in time, I’d like to go back to Alexander McQueen‘s SS ’99 show (I was a little too young to be following fashion back then, oh the regrets!).

As a finale, Shalom Harlow was sent down the runway in a virginal white trapeze dress, where she was spray painted by robots whilst twirling on a platform. The theatrics, the emotion, the transformation of the dress – I watch it again and again and I still get chills. See for yourself…

What’s yours?

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