Did you constantly dress up your Barbie as a kid? Did you sometimes wish she could have a little Birkin bag or Louboutin shoes or a Prada outfit? Do you secretly still wish all these things?

Well then all your wishes are about to come true. I’ve just stumbled upon this wonderful site, Looklet.com, which has made all my child fantasies come alive. Looklet is a “brand new online styling studio where you can combine every piece in our fashion collection to mix, match and create your personal looks. All clothes are real, selected by stylists, from real designers.”
In other words – select your model, pick your clothes, and dress her up!!! When you’ve finished your look, you can put your model in a different location, different angle or view her from closeup. As opposed to other sites that have previously attempted to do this in the past, all items have been so meticulously photographed from every single angle that they never look just pasted onto the model, but they really look as they’re worn by her. Thousands of pieces have been added already to the database already, from current seasons to vintage, with hundreds added every week.

The little girl in me that wanted to become a stylist has just come out in full swing. I may never work again, but play with clothes I will! I found the Acne dress I obsessed about for months for my first creation. It’s almost as good as buying it… Almost.

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