Wintersports, Chanel Style.

Chanel Snowboard

Nothing like the first flurry of snow to remind you that ski-season is coming up. As a keen boarder myself, I was more than a little excited when I saw this beautiful snowboard, which effectively combines my two greatest passions: all things Chanel and beautiful design. The simple wooden exterior, the not-over-the-top Chanel branding and as a plus, actually a rather good board performance-wise (so I heard).

The entire ski collection can be seen here. The dark wooden skis are also gorgeously crafted, and the goggles are of course a must to complete the look.
Mom, Dad, if you haven’t bought my Christmas present yet… Hint, hint.

Whilst you’re on there, have a look at all other sports – a Chanel fishing set? A Chanel dingy boat? Surfboard? Golf clubs? My mind boggles. Must take up more sports.

Chanel Skis
Chanel Goggles 2

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