Where the Wild Things Are

This winter, I got the fur disease. Like, really really bad. Faux, real, hats, coats, pompoms, shoes, mittens, wraps, capes – you name it, I want it, I need it, I must have it. It’s warm, it’s luxurious, it’s enduring.

Although vintage is always great for fur, I’ve learned it’s not that easy to find a shape and quality that doesn’t make you look like either a trashy prostitute or a member of your grandmother’s bible group.

So, leave it to the coolest shop on earth to create the ultimate fur collection. Opening Ceremony collaborated with director Spike Jonze for a special collection inspired by his film Where The Wild Things Are.

It’s young, quirky and affordable(ish), sophisticated and has a sense of humour. I’m going to shut it now as I run the risk of breaking into song. And dance. And growl. I’m happy.

Enjoy women’s here and men’s here.

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