Ode to the Panton Chair


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m at this age where I’m starting to grow out of all things high street, the cheap copies and inevitable bad quality as a result. The same counts for furniture and design items. Although the likes of IKEA may have their obvious good points, sometimes the quality and shitty design is just really not worth it.

So, a few weeks ago, as I decided to set up office at home, I got the classic Panton chair as a birthday present from my brothers and sisters-in-law. There’s just something about this chair that was designed nearly 50 years ago, yet still looks as modern as ever.

Designed by Verner Panton in 1960, (only went into production in ’67), it sits comfortably, it works as a deskchair, around a table, inside, outside, in black or white or every colour of the rainbow – it’s definitely one of the most all-round pieces out there. If I have to have a new grown-up vice, then let furniture collecting be it, and let the Panton Chair be the first of many!

Also, whilst I was on the Vitra website, I came across their fabulous blog, ‘Collage‘, which features personal pictures by design god Jasper Morrison amongst other things. A must-see for design nerds such as myself.


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