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Recently I find myself growing out of anything high street, and that includes jewellery. I guess I’m just tired of wearing rings and necklaces that leave that inevitable sickly greenish mark on your skin once the gold or silver cover starts to wear off. You all know what I’m talking about.

Pricewise, however, it seems it’s usually a big step up from your £6.99 at Topshop to a £1.500 Tom Binns piece… That’s why I’ve been looking into young designers who bring the goods yet are still affordable. As I mentioned before, is a great place to find them.

Dominic Jones is one of those young jewellery designers really breaking through right now. His pieces are solid chunky gold and silver, with a real punk twist. (His good friend and punk-goddess Alice Dellal is a backer behind the brand). This season’s collection is vampire inspired, with the Tooth and Claw rings, and the Fang necklace. At £225 they’re perhaps not that cheap, but some things are worth the investment. And sometimes it’s nice not to have to scrub the cheap jewellery off your fingers everytime you’ve worn them.

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