Topshop hearts young talent


I love Topshop.

I mean, who doesn’t love Topshop, right?


That unique combination of bang-on-trend yet good-for-the-wallet yet good quality makes the brand so utterly scrumptiously addictively amazing. The thing I love about Topshop the most, is their unrelenting support to young and upcoming designers by giving them major exposure through a small capsule collection.

No, I’m not talking about Kate Moss’s umpteenth collection – but the really young ‘uns, the graduates, the New Gen winners, the actual talent.

This season, Topshop seems to have upped the ante even more. A quick look at their website and I see the upcoming collection by Christopher Kane (I lie awake at night just thinking about it), Ashish, Preen, Emma Cook and Marcus Lupfer.

Now with the New Gen scheme also expanding to menswear, it’ll be interesting to see if this will translate into Topman-worthy collections. I think it’s just such a perfect way for these often unknown designers to find a following outside the hardcore fashion crowd.

The future of fashion will be safe as long as retail giants like Topshop continue to support and nurture young talent, rather than giving bigwig designers another unneccessary endorsement to feed their ego, H&M style.

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